Europe’s commission-free online broker.

At nextmarkets, you pay neither custody fees nor hidden costs such as third-party fees. Trade shares for €0 per trade from an order volume of €250. Rely on the European online broker with first class execution via the gettex exchange in Munich and an award winning app. Trade our vast universe of products with leverage on demand. Experience what it's like to invest with the company of professional trading coaches.

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More than a dozen professionals make you more successful on the stock market.

nextmarkets not only gives you the opportunity to trade free of charge as a self-decider, but also provides you with more than a dozen stock market coaches. In this way, you receive up to 300 analyses per month in real time. To learn, analyse and follow.

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This is how powerful an online broker can be.
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    Wide selection

    Trade more than 8,000 shares, ETFs and other products.

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    No charge

    No order fees, no custody fees or third-party fee for stock orders from 250€.

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    No incidentals

    For dividend payments and trading of rights.

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    Smart investments

    No problem with our selection of over 1,000 ETFs.

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    Apps for all platforms.

    Your portfolio always at hand, thanks to our iOS, Android and Web Apps.

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    Expert-curated investing comes for free

    Benefit from 22 Tradingcoaches with up to 300 real-time trading ideas per month.

On demand leverage.

Add leverage seamlessly and on demand without ever leaving your order mask. Get more flexibility with your brokerage account.

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    German Headquarter

    Our headquarter is located in the heart of Germany.

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    Client Funds

    Your money is held in a segregated client trust account and is protected by the deposit guarantee.

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    European regulation

    We may offer our product throughout Europe (MiFID).

Commission-free stocks trading and expert-curated investing. We’ll tell you how it works.

Thanks to a lean corporate structure and a high degree of automation, we can eliminate order and custody fees. We pass this cost advantage on to you. In addition, we provide you with more than a dozen trading coaches who uncover real-time trading ideas on a daily basis. Expert-curated investing helps you to crush your trading goals.

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Simply innovative.
Commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs with nextmarkets
Start your trading within minutes.

It takes you just five minutes from account opening to your credit card deposit.

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You have questions? We have the answers.
  • How does the account opening works?

    You can open your nextmarkets account easily via our website or by your smartphone. The requirements are that you are at least 18 years old.

  • How is commission-free trading possible at all?

    nextmarkets, like any other online broker, receives rebates from exchanges where transactions are executed. Due to our proprietary technology and unique corporate structure, we can therefore waive an order commission that is normally paid by investors. Only minor transactions under 250€ are subject to a fee of one euro each.

  • Is nextmarkets a bank?

    nextmarkets is a German company based in Cologne. Through our subsidiary in Malta we are licensed to offer securities trading and to act as portfolio manager and are allowed to offer our product throughout Europe.

  • How can I deposit funds?

    At nextmarkets you can either pay by bank transfer or by credit card (Mastercard, Visa). If you pay by credit card, the money is immediately available for trading.

  • How is my money safeguarded?

    Our clients' money is held in a segregated trust account, separate from our own funds, where it is protected by the deposit guarantee scheme.

  • How does the settlement of my trades work?

    The settlement is done via the trading segment of the gettex exchange in Munich. Price quality and investor protection are guaranteed by a set of exchange rules and regulations and a trade monitoring center. This means that you not only benefit from the legal security of the transaction, but also from full transparency before, during and after trading.

  • What financial instruments are available?

    You can invest in more than 7,000 shares from 52 countries, as well as in over 1,000 ETFs. Our trading hours are from 8am to 10pm CET. You can also trade all shares and ETFs as CFDs with leverage. In addition, all major indices, currency pairs, bonds and commodities are available as CFDs.

  • At what prices do I trade?

    You trade on the gettex trading platform operated by the Munich Stock Exchange segment. The price quality is monitored by the exchange.

  • What types of orders are available?

    With nextmarkets, limit and stop orders are available in addition to the market order.